Inspecting your roof yourself is great for finding noticeable damages and possible problems before they get worse. But having a professional come inspect your roof has many benefits of its own. Here are some of the reasons a you can benefit from a professional roof inspection.

Catching Minor Damage

You will notice things like having a tree fall on your roof or large bald spots where your shingles used to be, but a storm can sometimes do damages that aren’t noticeable to the untrained eye. Professional roofing contractors are trained to catch things like bald or loose shingles, a slightly damaged rain gutter, and other issues that could cause damages or require a new roof.

Helping Your Insurance Claim

If your home has suffered extensive damage during a storm and you need to make an insurance claim, a professional inspector will be far better at assessing the damage than you will be. You will most likely need to tell your insurance company exactly what kind of damage your roof has suffered, so having a detailed report from a professional roofing contractor will help your insurance process go faster.

Making Repairs While They’re Still Small

A damaged roof can be incredibly costly and inconvenient to repair, and things will only get worse the longer your roof is damaged. Since professional roof inspectors are trained to catch even the smallest issues on a roof, they can help you fix problems before a costly roof replacement is in order.

While having a professional to inspect your roof has its benefits, it is also important that you are hiring a roofing contractor that you can trust and has certifications that qualify them as a reputable contractor. Look up reviews online, ask for recommendations from friends, and always insist on seeing the proper credentials of anybody who inspects or repairs your property.