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It is time to put up your lights! Here are some pointers from us at Renaissance Roofing to help you get your lights up quickly and easily this year.

Pick Your Lights

There are a lot of options. You have to consider the color, style and length that you need. Measure your roof, trees, etc. and make sure that you have enough lights before you start hanging them. There are icicle lights, blinking lights, classic large bulb lights, and more. Without proper measurements you won’t know how many lights to buy.

Test Your Lights

If you are using lights from last year be sure to test the lights before you hang them up. Nothing is more frustrating than hanging up all the lights and finding that they don’t work.

Get some help

Having someone help you with your light hanging can be a huge help. This second person can tell you what looks good, help you hold the ladder, hand you lights and make it more fun!

Use Clips

You’ll also need clips to help attach the lights to the roof or the gutter. Clips are going to prevent your shingles, roof and gutters from damage. Make sure you measure the thickness of your gutter as well. The clips come in different sizes. As with most things, the higher end brand is likely going to be higher quality and last through the season.

Automatic Timers

It’s important to turn off the lights during the day to save energy and keep your bulbs from burning out.  A timer saves you from having to plug and unplug your lights everyday.  They’re cheap, easy to use, and convenient.