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To get an idea of your roof square footage, all you need to do is enter (in feet) the dimensions of the roof, using a basic box model of length and width. Then, you can choose your “pitch”, using pictures to help if you don’t know what “pitch” means. We will look at your information and give you a bid on your roof. This is for us to get you the ballpark of what a roof might cost.

Some things to know:

Defined as rise over run, usually expressed as a fraction. Examples would be a “4 and 12” or “12 and 12”, usually shown as 4/12 or 412 and 12/12 or 1212, respectively. Using a 412 pitch as an example, this means that for every 12 foot run, there is a 4 foot rise .
Roof Area – How to get the numbers you need (length and width)
Look at your roof. Each ridge runs along the top of the pitch, and using this line, you can create a rectangular section. For each section, measure each edge, giving you length and width. Use these numbers in the appropriate boxes. You will probably have more than one section, so keep the numbers for each section separate.

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