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There are many signs to know if the roof of your home needs a replacement. One of the obvious signs would be buckling, cracked, or  missing shingles. Other wear indicators such as granule loss, curling, or worn looking shingles are additional signs of failure. If there are mold and mildew manifestations either in the attic or around your interior walls and ceiling, then you really need to take action as soon as possible as long-term and expensive damage is already occurring.

Check the integrity of your roofing valleys. If the valleys are damaged and deteriorating it is time to invest in the new roofing system. Valleys are a common area of the roof that collect leaves and other clutter, and since all the water from the roof sheds toward the valley, it is an area of vulnerability. A good professional roofing company should be able to ensure that your valleys are correctly roofed.

Most of the time a very damaged roof is visible from the interior of the house too. In the attic you can inspect the ceiling to find if there are rays of sunlight visible through the ceiling or not. A light shining from above is an indicator that the roof has leaks and needs repair. On your porch if you can see daylight through your roof it likely means that you need to replace your roof.

If you can see puddles of water on your covered porch after a heavy rain that usually means there is a leak somewhere in the roof over your porch.

Having a professional roofing contractor out to assess the damage and see if your roof needs a repair or replacement is a wise next step to prevent further damage. Renaissance Roofing can evaluate your roof and help you decide on what the next steps are for your roof.