Home ownership comes with a whole set of new responsibilities and maintenance requirements. This includes your roof! When you rent a house or apartment you don’t have to worry about what kind of shingles you have or if you have a leak and what to do. When you own your home, crappy shingles or a leak can be a huge deal. Here are some things to know about your roof before you buy.

1.Know What to Do in a Roofing Emergency

Do you know what to do if your roof gets a bad leak during a storm? Locate the leak and plug the leak if you can. Use patches, rubber sheets, tarps, duct tape or anything you have on hand to stop the leak temporarily. Your fix may not be long-term,  however, it will work long enough for the roofer to get in there and repair the damage.

2.Your Roof Ventilation System

Not knowing if you have poor ventilation can lead to expensive problems and repairs. Roofs that aren’t properly ventilated can lead to mold and ice dams. A simple roof inspection will quickly show if your roof is properly ventilated. Installing a good ventilation system will save thousands of dollars in costly repairs.

  1. Keep Your Gutters Clean

This is a chore that is important but no one wants to do it. Every spring and fall you should be clearing out your gutters from debris. Debris buildup can lead to mold or leaks. Gutter leaks can damage the exterior of your home and result in costly repairs. If you wait to clean them out until it is too late, the damage may have been done.

4.Signs Your Roof Needs an Inspection

Having a professional come to your house and inspect your roof will save your time and money. An annual inspection will catch any leaks or damage and fix the issues before they cause major damages. A professional will be able to see things that you can’t.