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The amount of construction jobs in the United States is bouncing back to higher levels than we’ve seen in years; however the amount of workers is not growing with the same momentum. This is taking its toll on contractors like us who are trying to meet demand while maintaining a qualified and quality workforce. Refusing to sacrifice quality has meant that jobs are taking longer and the waiting list is growing.

The shortage is limiting what contractors are able to do and the amount of work they are able to take on. With a plethora of guaranteed well paying jobs in the construction field, it is strange that no one is taking them. High schoolers are being prepared and pushed towards college, regardless of whether or not that is the best option for them. In recent years, blue collared jobs have gained a bad reputation and are seen as a backup option in many cases.

“We are booked out for months and working to find people qualified to do the labor. It’s difficult but we are determined to keep up the quality of work we are known for, even if that costs us in the end.” Laura Evans – Owner

We are calling for a change in attitude towards construction and roofing jobs. It is becoming apparent that the long wait times and shortages are not sustainable and not fair to our customers. If you would like to apply with us, here is a link to our employment application to download: