There are two different kinds of stupid things you can do to or with your roof.

The first kind would be using your roof as a diving board or in attempt to parachute or anything else involving the thrill of jumping off a roof. Common sense and injuries tell us not to do this ( most of the time ).

The other kind of stupid things are things that may have sounded like good ideas at the time. Don’t prepare to get up on your roof and do anything that you aren’t sure about. Make sure that you aren’t going to do more harm than good by reading these points.


Walking on your roof:

Roofs are steep and sometimes slick or mossy. Aside from the risk of falling off of your roof and hurting yourself it can also damage the shingles. Walking on composite or asphalt shingles can leave the shingles bare of their resistant coating. Walking on a roof that is older or in the hot summer can dislodge the shingles making room for leaks.


Pressure washing your roof:

This one may seem like the smartest idea since sliced bread but let us tell you that it is not! You may see your neighbors new roof and notice how clean and nice it looks and think to get the pressure washer out, get down and dirty and get your roof looking just as nice as your neighbors. Pressure washing your composite shingles is a terrible idea and will likely lead you to a new roof if not done properly. You can destroy the shingles within seconds. A professional roofing contractor may pressure wash the roof, but it’s not something that should be done routinely. The key to keeping your roof looking good is routine maintenance – moss prevention and debris removal. If you want a really clean roof there are several ways to do it safely and efficiently. Renaissance roofing can help you with a yearly cleaning to keep your roof clean and kept looking nice all in a safe and shingle friendly way.


Lifting or moving shingles to check for leaks:

You may see a odd looking shingle and think to look under it or check if it may be loose. Unless you have extensive knowledge on roof leak repair, moving a shingle out of place can cause extensive damage and it is in your best interest to call the professionals and get your leak fixed the right way. Waiting to touch your roof helps us address damages and make the best possible estimate for your repair.

Don’t be one of the people that do stupid stuff to their roofs! Give us a call at Renaissance Roofing with any questions you may have about your roof before you get up there and do it yourself.